We Are Willow
Creative Studio & Art Collective

The Art Of Collaboration 

FORMATS: Publications & Releases | Film | Soundtrack


Celebrating We Are Willow’s 10 year anniversary through the limited edition artist series with illustrator Guy McKinley featuring…

Screen printed organic tee shirt & tote bag • Glow in the dark lapel badge • A3 riso print

In the artist’s words…

“…I kept coming back to the collaborative nature of the collective and the work created through every project since its inception. I instinctively went with hands, not only a totem of friendship but also collaboration as tools of creativity, applying them to produce another symbol – the eye – signifying separate perspectives combined to one singular vision.

I re-contextualised the concept for the riso print to highlight that collaboration can be a more complex creative approach, represented through blood, sweat and tears…”

CREATIVE | Chris Butler & Daren Newman

ARTWORK | Guy Mckinley

DESIGN | Daren Newman

PRODUCTION | Chris Butler

FILM | Simon & Liz Pantling

MUSIC | Giles Hatton, Duncan Prestbury, Chris Butler, Simon Connor, James Smith