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EC | New Work

FORMATS: Event & Exhibition | Photography

The ‘New Work’ exhibitions by EC offer opportunity to see artists in a different way. 2 days, 2 artists in 1 bespoke location. New Work ’19 was presented in collaboration with We Are Willow celebrating the photography of Daniel Cheetham + Heather Glazzard

DANIEL CHEETHAM | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – International Drive, USA

From the South West coast of Mexico to the South Eastern tip of America the ‘border’ between the two projects, provided by the exhibition space, highlights the ongoing political disputes between these two countries. The photos captured in Mexico provide an aesthetic and physical mapping of the landscape, highlighting the lines of communication required for an area to gather and relay information. Comparatively, the moments preserved on International Drive instill an occasion of serenity within one of Florida’s busiest commercial areas in a country at odds with itself. Both projects display an insight into the prevalent themes of Cheetham’s personal practice, intent to explore a topic through repetition and pattern to create a body of work.

In the artists words…

“…This exhibition is a documentary into my life and explores the personal relationship with my partner. The works showcased here explore themes of vulnerability which link with the intimacy of the location. The portraits are a window into our lives. The self-portrait piece was made just after counselling, as an expression of my own mental health, going back to a childlike state. These themes are also tied to our relationship as well…”

CREATIVE | Chris Butler & Ed Cox


PHOTOGRAPHY | Daniel Cheetham & Heather Glazzard