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New motto and crest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Wigan Casino. The commemorative emblem will be available as a t-shirt soon…

Frank Wilson’s ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ was the last record ever played at the Wigan Casino all-nighters by Russ Winstanley. Recorded in 1965 on Motown Records the track was never released, with nearly all copies destroyed – until the Casino crowd went wild for it a decade later and Motown finally released it in 1979. 

The song title has been transformed to celebrate the legacy of northern soul at the venue and beyond as a genre and cultural movement. The second part of the motto further solidifies this belief, with the alliteration of the ‘s’ in the final three words providing a song-like roll off the tongue. 

50UL – A play on the word ‘soul’ incorporating the number 50 in celebration of the anniversary. 

Casino Club ‘C’ (from original sign above venue entrance) Positioned above the fist as a halo of sorts – a reference to the ethereal experience of being on the dance floor at the all nighters. 

Clenched Fist – The original keep the faith logo, a representation of strength and hope, solidified by the new slogan ‘50 Years On The Soul Stays Strong’. 

Lancashire Rose – Incorporated in reference to the original soul patch designs and the Wigan coat of arms. 

Four Hearts – ‘50UL’ sits within 4 hearts cementing the music within the heart (and soul) of those that were there during the casino days – and those who have found the music since. 


DESIGN | Daren Newman

FILM | Chris Butler & Will Grundy

EDIT | Mike Nixon

SOUNDTRACK | Chris Butler & Seadna McPhail

CLIENT | Wigan Council