We Are Willow
Creative Studio & Art Collective

WE ARE WILLOW is a UK based creative studio and multidisciplinary arts collective, collaborating on projects engaging in cultural, commercial and community interest on a national and international scale. Two decades of experience working in and around the cultural, artistic, music and creative industries equips We Are Willow with the creative concept, strategic planning and delivery capabilities to produce idiosyncratic, inspiring and challenging experiences, which embrace the flexible talents of a roll call of connected collaborators.

CREATIVE CONCEPT An effective ideas-generator with a proven track record, We Are Willow respond to elements of contemporary culture, heritage themes and the purity of artistic enquiry to develop multimedia productions across photography and film, audio, events and publishing that respond to the needs of clients, partners and other collaborators. Creative problem-solvers, the toolkit of artistic and creative disciplines offered by We Are Willow are mixed and matched to suit each project, growing concepts from seed and ensuring an impactful outcome with enduring legacy. 

PHOTOGRAPHY | FILM In both photography and film, We Are Willow offer industry-leading insights into the craft of storytelling through the camera eye. The collective boasts both stills and digital/film moving image-makers who have worked across cinematic releases, television, music video, commercial and documentary projects, leading with artistic integrity to develop arresting visual productions with immediate and lasting impact. 

MUSIC Song and soundtrack composition, in-house recording and studio production, event creation and live performance alongside commercial release and distribution are the genesis of We Are Willow as an acclaimed creative team. Developing projects inspired by travel, sport, mental health and international cultures, outcomes working across performed and recorded music, with video and event-based accompaniments are a staple of the collective.

ART & DESIGN | PUBLICATIONS & RELEASESRealising identities for self-initiated and collaborative projects, We Are Willow is synonymous with idiosyncratic graphic design, illustration, sculpture and installation. The art of the object, whether as an artwork or promotional tool, is a distinct discipline, producing limited-edition artworks that extend the reach of projects, even those delivered over radically short terms, into people’s homes and workplaces as a physical reminder. 

EVENTS & EXHIBITIONSArt exhibitions, film screenings, music performances, club nights and spoken word events all fall within We Are Willow’s span of experience and collective expertise, extending campaign concepts beyond secondary experience to visceral, first-hand encounters with subjects that delight, disrupt and move people to debate. Multidisciplinary beyond predictable self-anointed diversity in craft and intellectual rigour, We Are Willow events habitually merge elements of performance, exhibition and personal exchange.