We Are Willow
Creative Studio & Art Collective


FORMAT: Photography

Ongoing project – an insight into the perspective of We Are Willow co founder Chris Butler through a selection of moments he has captured on film whilst travelling.

“…As an artist and songwriter, I use creativity to express myself and the world around me in a way I cannot always achieve through social interaction. There are elements of life that we all find difficult to broach in regular conversation, yet remain simmering beneath the surface – a combination of the beauty and struggles in our everyday. These I attempt to tackle through lyrics, music and aesthetics.

 The need to escape the familiar to better understand oneself can be vital. To clear my head I move, be it a few miles cycling or a thousand flying. Moving and experiencing other places outside of my day to day provides clarity, alternative perspectives, along with a new sense of self and fresh inspiration…”


Category: Projects

Tags: Creative / photography