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Around Here | Around The Match

FORMATS: Photography | Music | Event & Exhibition | Publication & Release

Being outside the grounds of a football match once the game begins provides an interesting contrast of the senses. The combination of deserted streets filled with a sea of voices coming in intermittent waves from a crowd of people you can’t see, makes for a powerful and somewhat eerie setting. 

This experience sparked the concept for ‘Around The Match, a collaboration between Chris Butler and photographer Daniel Cheetham. The duo visited a series of football games on match day and explored the peripheral areas whilst the game played. Cheetham’s aim was to document the spaces and characters that inhabit these areas on film, whilst Butler compiled an aural diary of conversations, crowd noise, and general ambience through field recordings. 

The field recordings were developed  into a soundscape to accompany Cheetham’s photography, providing the material for the second issue of Cheetham’s publication ‘Around Here’.

CREATIVE | Chris Butler & Daniel Cheetham

PRODUCTION | Chris Butler

PHOTOGRAPHY | Daniel Cheetham

MUSIC | Chris Butler & Jamie Finlay

DESIGN | Daren Newman