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Guy Mckinley – The Art Of Collaboration 

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COMING SOON…Celebrating our 10 year anniversary with illustrator Guy Mckinley. Responding to the collective’s ethos Mckinley was invited to create a new body of work that reflects the art of collaboration. Through this process he has produced a new design that will be available as a limited edition of 50 t-shirts, totes and lapel pin badges with an expanded design available as a riso print.

In the artist’s words…

“…I kept coming back to the collaborative nature of the collective. It began with Chris and Daren, but it’s much more about the things that are created through collaboration on every project since its inception. I instinctively went with hands, not only a totem of friendship but also collaboration, as tools of creativity. I applied the hands to produce another symbol – the eye – signifying separate perspectives combined to one singular vision.

I aimed to re-contextualise the concept for the print highlighting that collaboration can be a more complex creative approach. The print design represents this artistic struggle through blood and tears whilst adapting the same colour palette. I like the idea that you can give something so positive and uplifting in its original form, a darker twist by playing with colour and bringing others to the fore…”

CREATIVE | Chris Butler & Daren Newman

DESIGN | Guy Mckinley